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What is a massage gun?

What is a massage gun?

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The role of a massage gun: Increasing blood flow to specific muscle areas can help reduce inflammation and muscle tension, and eliminate those unpleasant knots that still seem to be tangled after hard exercise. Before intense exercise, you can also use a massage gun to help the muscles warm up before exercise.


 Is it worth buying?

The use method of massage gun is simple and convenient. Prices on the market start at $100. Now HYWELL-massage gun only needs 78.88 US dollars.

You only need to spend $78.88 to get a massage gun that is exclusive to you. From then on you will save the money to go to the massage shop, the price of a massage is much higher than the price of a massage gun, and only once. The massage gun brings you countless times, and can be used any time you want, without spending time to make an appointment and wait.

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Is the longer the massage gun used, the better?

When it comes to massage gun usage, more isn’t necessarily better.

The use time of the massage gun is not as long as possible. If you keep the massage gun on one spot for too long (in some cases more than a couple of minutes), your skin can become sore and tender and you risk bruising. In general,  advises avoiding holding the gun in a static position for more than a few seconds, and to move it around in a small radius in one area instead.  “Do not hold it on a particular spot for more than two minutes and the whole body massage should not take more than 15 minutes."

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