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HyWellHealth Q&A:

Q1: Are you a factory that produce these products?

A1: Yes, my factory produces these health care products. Location is Shenzhen, China.

Q2: Where is package shipped from?

A2: The company has warehouse in US/UK/CZ, but the stock is not enough. Most of packages will be shipped from Shenzhen, China.

Q3: What is shipping range and time?

A3: Please refer the page:

shipping-range. Because of COVID-19 and heavy workload of customs clearance, there will be a deviation of about 2 days in time. Thanks for your patience.

Q4: What is the payment method?

A4: Recommend to pay by PayPal. But you also can pay by credit card on PayPal channel.

Q5: Is this a site with SSL certificate?

A5: Yes, this store is on the Shopify platform. Shopify is a famous and safe shopping platform. All the stores on the Shopify is with SSL certificate. This platform can ensure your online shopping security. Also PayPal can ensure your payment security.

Q6: If I meet some issues, how can I contact the owner of the store?

A6: You can send email to or Our service will support you.